Basic Instrument Care--Percussion

  • Because most of the percussion instruments you use during class belong to the school, I ask that every percussionist makes a strong effort help take care of them so they will last for many students to come.
  • Please put all percussion instruments away at the end of each school day.
  • Lower the timpani pedals to their “home position” each day after use.  This will help the heads last as long as they can. 

  • All accessories and mallets need to be put away NEATLY in the percussion cabinet or stick bags so you can quickly find them the next time you need them.  
  • Cover all mallet instruments and timpani after use.  This will prevent other students from abusing them.

  • Put your own sticks and music away.  Do NOT use the percussion cabinet as your personal band locker.  It is not.  Any music or sticks left in there will be removed.