Music Care


  • When you receive a piece of music, please treat it as if it were your own.   
  • Feel free to write on it, in pencil only, but anything written on the music must be erased before returning the music.  
  • You are issued a folder to protect your music.  Please use it and keep track of it as you would your instrument.  Students are strongly encouraged to use a flip folder for pep band music.   
  • DO NOT FOLD YOUR MUSIC.  EVER!  NOT EVEN THE EDGES!  Our music is intended to be used more than once.   
  • DO NOT put your music in your case unless your case is specifically designed to hold music.  It can damage your instrument, music, or both.  
  • If you lose or deface your music, you will be held responsible for all costs required to re-complete the set of parts.  The average cost of a set of parts for one band piece is $60-100, but is often higher. Mr. Norris will attempt to keep these costs to a minimum, but the main point is take care of your music!