HMS Choir Demo Recordings
Armed Forces Medley
     Piano Only (Army):            Armed Forces Medley--1 Army.mp3
     Piano Only (Marines):        Armed Forces Medley--2 Marines.mp3

     Piano Only (Navy):            Armed Forces Medley--3 Navy.mp3
     Piano Only (Air Force):      Armed Forces Medley--4 Air Force.mp3
     Piano Only (Coast Guard): Armed Forces Medley--5 Coast Guard.mp3


     Piano Accompaniment:     Blessing--Piano Only.mp3
Piano & Vocal:                 Blessing With Vocal.mp3


     Piano Accompaniment:  Cantar (Piano Only)
     Part 1 Only:                 
Cantar (Part 1)
     Part 2 Only:                  Cantar (Part 2)

I Hear Sweet Music
Piano Accompaniment:  I Hear Sweet Music--Piano Only mm1.mp3
     Part 1 Only (mm1):       I Hear Sweet Music--Part 1 Only mm1.mp3
     Part 1 Only (mm 67):    I Hear Sweet Music--Part 1 Only mm67.mp3
     Part 2 Only (mm1):       I Hear Sweet Music--Part 2 Only mm1.mp3
     Part 2 Only (mm67):     I Hear Sweet Music--Part 2 Only mm67.mp3
     Parts 1 & 2:                 I Hear Sweet Music--Both Parts mm1.mp3

The Journey
     Piano Accompaniment:  The Journey--Piano Only.mp3
     Part 1 Only:                  The Journey--Part 1 Only.mp3
     Part 2 Only:                  The Journey--Part 2 Only.mp3
     Parts 1 & 2:                  The Journey--Both Parts.mp3

Laudamus Te
     Demo (Florida All-State Chorus):   Laudamus Te (Youtube)

Light in the Darkness
     Piano Accompaniment:  Light in the Darkness--Piano Only

The Sleigh
Piano Accompaniment: The Sleigh 120bpm--Piano Only.mp3
Both Parts:                  The Sleigh 120bpm--Both Parts.mp3
     Piano Accompaniment: The Sleigh 144bpm--Piano Only.mp3
     Both Parts:                  The Sleigh 144bpm--Both Parts.mp3
     Piano Accompaniment: The Sleigh 160bpm--Piano Only.mp3

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
     Piano Accompaniment: Stopping by Woods--Piano Only mm1.mp3
     Piano & Flute only:       Stopping by Woods--Piano & Flute Only mm1.mp3
     All Parts & Flute:          Stopping by Woods All Parts.mp3

The Water Is Wide/Bring Me a Little Water Silvie

     Parts 1 & 2:                  Water is Wide--Part 1 & 2

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