Listening Assignments:

-1/10/18 Band 6-7-8:  Don't Stop Believing (ITF Collaboration)
-12/18/2018 Band 6-7-8:  Sleigh Ride, US Navy Band
-12/3/18 Band 8 Only:  Phantom of the Opera Medley (Briar Woods Symphonic Band)
-11/29/18 Band 6-7-8:  Fanfare for the Common Man (USMC Band) 

Listening Journal Questions (Don't try to answer all 5--pick one and answer it well--3-5 sentences is usually plenty):

1.  What do you notice?  (Describe without judgment: “I notice…”)
2.  What does it remind you of?  (What memory, experience, story, music, other work does this trigger?  There are no wrong answers or associations.)
3.  What emotions do you feel as you respond to this work? (Again, no wrong answers.)
4.  What questions does it raise for you? (“I wonder…”)
5.  What meaning or understanding is intended or conveyed in this work?