Percussion Accessories


  • Drum Sticks:  I require each percussionist to provide two pairs of drum sticks in good repair.  My personal picks for concert playing include:
    • Vic Firth American Custom SD1 General (round head)
    • Pro-Mark 2B (oval head)
    • For High School Marching Band: WHITE 2B Marching Snare Sticks
    • Ask for guidance from the salesperson for other models for different styles of playing. 
  • Mallets:  There are a variety of mallets available.  I will provide most of the mallets your student will need for use during class.  If you're planning to purchase many mallets for your student (most players have a complete collection by the time they enter college), I recommend purchasing them in the following order:
    • All-purpose plastic mallets (Xylophone, orchestra bells)
    • Wound vibraphone mallets (medium)
    • Jazz Brushes
    • Timpani Mallets (Soft, Medium, Hard) 
  • Pitch Pipe:  This accessory will help you to tune timpani by yourself.  With care (and occasional cleaning!), it will last you a lifetime.  There are free pitch pipe apps available.   
  • Stick Bag:  This is a carrying case for sticks and mallets.  These bags serve to keep sticks and mallets from getting lost, and prolong their life by protecting them while not in use.  
  • Bell Kit:  This is a highly recommended accessory as it includes everything your student will need for in-class use as well as for home practicing.  These include a bell kit, bell mallets, practice pad, drum sticks, and usually include a music stand.  If a bell kit is not rented/purchased, it is strongly recommended that the student have at least a practice pad and some sort of piano-type keyboard to practice on. Students only need to bring their sticks, mallets, and music with them to school. 
  • Patch Cords & Extra Strings (Elec. Bass Only):  Students will be expected to provide their own patch cords and extra strings and to take care of them!!! Not having a working patch cord or a replacement string is the same as not having your instrument.