Brass Accessories


  • Mouthpiece brush:  This is a handy brush sized to fit through your mouthpiece and help keep it clean.   
  • Snake:  This helps to thoroughly clean out the curves and bends of a brass instrument, much the same way a plumber’s snake works on the pipes in your home. 
  • Tuning Slide Grease:  This is a heavy grease that comes in a small tube or tub, and helps the tuning slides move smoothly to allow tuning, but not so smoothly that they will fall out.  One tube will last a few years.  Grease your slides weekly!!!  
  • Valve Oil:  For all brass instruments except trombones, this is vital.  With our rehearsal schedule, if valves are not oiled daily, they will wear out more quickly, and will be more likely to get stuck. 
  • Slide Cream/Water Bottle or Slide Oil (Trombone Only):   Depending on your trombone student’s experience, one of these items will be used to keep his/her slide moving well.  By 8th grade, most students should be using slide cream with a water spray bottle.  Ask Mr. Norris for guidance if needed.    
  • A polishing cloth will help your instrument to look as new as the day it was made.  By wiping away the oils that your hands leave on the lacquer, you will protect the finish of the instrument.
  • Mouthpieces:  As students grow and mature as musicians, many will begin to be held back by the quality of their instruments.  If buying a professional model instrument is not financially possible for your family, a good compromise is to add a professional quality mouthpiece to your current instrument.  All students will benefit greatly from this relatively simple addition.  The suggestions below are a good starting place, but be sure to have your student try these mouthpieces at the store before you buy.  As each student is different, their best sound may be on a different mouthpiece.  

Trumpet:  Bach # 3C
French Horn: Holton Farkas #MC
Trombone: Schilke 50 or Bach 6 1/2 AL
Euphonium: Schilke 50 or Bach 6 1/2 AL
Tuba: Conn Helleberg standard model